Fetch Document
  • Parameters
    • In the request headers the Authorization header must have the Access Token:
      • Authorization: {{accessToken}}
    • In the body of the POST a JSON structure like this one has to be passed:

    "requestOptions": {
    "reportName": "Impressão Minimal Simples",
    "requestedFields": [

    "document": {
    "docType": 1,
    "documentNumber": 285
  • Return Information
    • Any call made to this method will return a JSON information with this structure

    "code": 0,
    "message": "Document no: 285 was found.",

In case of error:

    "code": 100,
    "message": "Error message"

JSON Specification for Fetch Document

Request Options

NameTypePHC GO EntityPHC GO FieldObservations
reportNameStringName of the report type the document should have. If not defined will use one of the reports the user has access to Ex. “Impressão Minimal Simples”.
viaDocIntegerOptions of document’s via to print the document:
0 – All
1 – Original
2 – Second way
3 – Duplicate
4 – Triplicate
5 – Quadruplicated
6 – Quintupled
7 – Following
Case this field is not defined it will be used the value 0 as default
requestedFieldsString ArrayThe PHC Go document entity fields to be returned on Success


NameTypePHC GO EntityPHC GO FieldObservations
docType*IntegerTdndocType of document to create
documentYearIntegerFtftanoSpecifies the year of document year

* – Required