Cancel Document
  • Parameters
    • In the request headers the Authorization header must have the Access Token:
      • Authorization: {{accessToken}}
    • In the body of the POST a JSON structure like this one has to be passed:

    "document": {
    "docType": 1,
    "documentNumber": 285,
    "reasonForCancellation": "My reason",
  • Return Information
    • Any call made to this method will return a JSON information with this structure

    "code": 0,
    "message": "Document no: 285 was found."

In case of error:

    "code": 100,
    "message": "Error message"

JSON Specification for Cancel Document


NameTypePHC GO EntityPHC GO FieldObservations
docType*IntegerTdndocType of document to create

* – Required